You can log in to your BidNb account at any time to see your requests and your bids.
Sure! You can use the list of filters available to refine your search and receive offers only from the accommodations that provide the specific amenities you are looking for.
Bids are valid as long as they are offered to you but may vary depending on the room’s availability. We update the offers on a regular basis for you to check them out anytime. But don’t delay! Book as soon as you see an offer that satisfies you.
Yes. You can cancel your request anytime. Just go to your account and click on “cancel request”.

When using the mobile App, you register once and then you can always see your private information. When using the Web App you need to log  in as prices are offered only for you.

Yes. Just go to “deactivate my account”, on your admin panel.
No. Owners’ Registration is totally free.